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Free Infant Swim Experience

Did you know that you can start as soon as the umbilical cord heals? The ‘right’ time to begin taking swim lessons is different for everyone, but one thing always stays true, it is never too early to start.

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Parent-Tot Workshop

Join your baby in the warmth of our indoor 91 degree pool for songs and skills in this 30 minute class. The speed and intensity of the class is entirely up to each parent.

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Private Lessons

This is our fastest and most effective class, whether you’re looking for your child to be safe around the pool, learn proper stroke technique, or prepare for swim team. Our private lessons are for all ages. The Smart Fish roll and float method has saved countless lives.

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Fast Track

Progressive swim success in just one month for students age 7 months and beyond. Fast Track is an intensive, one month, private lesson program focused on achieving results in a shorter period of time.

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This program has all of the same features as our Private 1-to-1 lessons but offers students the chance to swim for 30 minutes per lesson, as well as have the added bonus of learning with other similar skilled swimmers.

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Group Lessons

If you’re looking for a group setting with hands on teaching that work towards advanced stroke technique, then our Group Classes are a perfect fit.

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Pre-Competitive Swim

This program is for the advanced swimmer looking to continue their swimming journey past Swim~Float~Swim and basic swimming techniques.

75 2:6 60 min

Starts and Turns

A clinic focused on progressing each individual swimmer’s dives and tunes (flip turns, and open turns if time permits). Each hour-long clinic is run by two certified coaches and has maximum of six students.

40-380 5 M-TH

Adult Swim Lessons

Adult group lessons will invite both the apprehensive and advanced athlete to conquer their fears with like-minded individuals and be triumphant in any body of water.

15-130 10 Mon-Fri

Aqua Sculpt

Dive into a refreshing workout experience with aqua sculpt!This water-based fitness class combines cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises in a low-impact setting.

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All you can swim is offered September – November.

$280 15 3 Weeks

Junior Lifeguard

Jr. Guard is offered February- April.