All children under 4 years old must be double diapered with a tight-fitting disposable swim diaper & re-usable. Happy Nappy diapers. If your student is enrolled in a Parent Tot Workshop, Warm Belly Wetsuits are required for each student. In all levels of Swordfish Pre-Competitive Swim Squad, swimmers must own their own fins. Coaches recommend Finis or Cressi brand. Obtaining your own gear saves teachers and coaches precious lesson time and promotes good hygiene. All items can be found in the Watersafe Pro-Shop.


Billing will take place on the first of every month unless the first is on a Saturday or a holiday in which we are closed. Tuition prices are always a flat rate, based upon 4 weeks. In the event of a fifth lesson in not pro-rate the tuition or offer make-ups. This includes holiday closures. All clients are required to use our automated billing services. to ensure the quality of lessons, Watersafe maintains a no-refund policy. We offer automatic billing only. A valid credit or debt card on file is required at all times. If billing has not been successfully processed by the third week in the month, a $10 late fee will be applied.


A Registration fee of $85 will be charged to new and $55.00 to returning families. A registration fee will be charged immediately upon enrollment and is nonrefundable.


Cancelling by 8:00 am, the day of your lesson, guarantees that you will receive a make-up lesson placed in your file to be scheduled by you at your earliest convenience. Make-up lessons never expire.


In order to drop from lessons, our office must be notified before the 1st of the month to ensure that you are not billed for that month. Clients who decide to stop lessons after billing has already been processed will be marked absent for the remaining lessons in the month & dropped for the following month. You will receive make-up on your account which can be used whether you are currently enrolled or not. No refunds or credits will be issued


Makeup lessons never expire and will remain in your file and in our records. Make-up lessons may be scheduled in advance, within the current month and the month to come, however, they are not guaranteed and will be scheduled based on availability. We do not reschedule, preciously scheduled make-up lessons. Make-ups never expire and can be scheduled whether you are currently enrolled or not.


If you arrive late to your lesson, we will do our best to give you the full lesson time however, we can only guarantee the remaining time of your scheduled lesson.


If fecal matter is present in the pool, we may need to stop lessons as well as exit and clean the pool and facility. In this event, you will receive a make-up lesson that never expires. If a student has a diarrheal incident, the student is not able to enter the pool for 14 days after the last symptoms per the California Health Code. If our equipment (i.e. filter, heater) are the cause of a pool closure or if one of our instructors is unable to give lessons and we do not have a substitute teacher available, we may cancel you lesson and place a make-up on your account.


We believe that the continuity of lessons is of the utmost importance. Therefore, in the event of an absent teacher, a substitute teacher may be provided. Notice will not be given. If, upon arrival, you decide you would prefer not to swim with a substitute teacher, you may cancel your lesson and receive a make-up lesson that never expires. If we can not provide you with a substitute teacher, we will issue a make-up to your account.