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Watersafe is dedicated to helping ensure that every child has the opportunity to enjoy one of life’s greatest gifts, swimming. Over the past decade, we have contributed more than $50,000 through donations and sponsorships to support local municipal and charity events, fostering a love for water activities within the community.

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Swim Lesson Scholarship

Hope Floats

Our Child Needs Swim Lessons

Swimming is a life-saving skill and our child needs to learn.

How Will We Pay?

Hope Floats Foundation provides 3-month scholarship for swimming lessons for children who qualify for free/reduced lunch.

How Do We Apply

  1. Visit- hopefloats.foundation
  2. Click “Apply For Assistance”
  3. Complete Application
  4. Attach required documents

Can We Participate for Longer than 3 Months?

Yes, Complete a new application.