About Us

Watersafe Swim School has a solid reputation in the local community for providing the highest quality lessons available. Our teachers are carefully chosen and extensively trained and certified through the nationally recognized Smart Fish Academy.  We believe love and understanding within a structured, innovative environment will produce a safe, happy swimmer. Our loving teachers truly believe that each child is an individual. Therefore, we strive to personalize the instruction to fit each student’s special needs and abilities.

The award-winning “Smart Fish” curriculum was developed by Ginny (Flahive) Ferguson and her daughter Karen Flahive Nance at Watersafe Swim School. Since 1971, this comprehensive method has successfully taught survival skills and advanced technique to thousands of students (from birth to adulthood). The Smart Fish Method is an ever evolving process that incorporates up to date research and scaffolding principles to provide all students with the opportunity to master the fundamentals that efficiently transition into the same winning stroke technique used by the national, world, and Olympic champions.

Our Mission

To provide an atmosphere where excellence and champions are inevitable. Swimming builds self-confidence, self-discipline, integrity, and courage for life.

Welcome to the World’s Best Swim Teachers

Your Journey

Being a part of the Watersafe Family is more than just a job.  It is a commitment to the safety of the children in our local community.  It’s a promise to the staff and families of Watersafe Swim School that you will always bring your best effort, every day, to each and every child.  Your journey starts here, with some basic information and your own personal life mission statement.  Passing this point means that the leadership here at Watersafe Swim School sees great potential in you.  Potential for you to learn The Smart Fish Method… potential to offer our parents the best service…  potential to help continue to bring pride and honor to the Watersafe Swim School name.   We are so happy you have considered applying for a position at Watersafe Swim School.   Please complete one of the following forms and you will be contacted shortly by a member of our leadership team.

Our Benefits and Perks

Full Time and Part Time Positions Available

  • 40 hours Paid Sick Leave
  • Consistent, Year-round Schedule
  • Employee Discount for Friends and Family
  • Large Performance Bonuses
  • Bonus Weekend Pay
  • +$5/hr Substitute Pay
  • Benefits Coverage (min. 30 hrs./wk)
  • 401k Contribution After First Year
  • $10k Life Insurance Policy
  • Career Advancement
  • Scheduling Options M-F 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and Weekends
  • Holidays Off
  • Spanish Bilingual Pay Increase