Charter Practices

Watersafe Swim School Charter Practices

Watersafe Swim School is proud to partner with multiple charter schools to utilize purchase orders to pay for swim lessons. We are currently partnered with:

  • Blue Ridge Academy
  • Cabrillo Point Academy
  • EPIC Charter School
  • Excel Academy
  • Granite Mountain
  • iLead
  • Pacific Coast Academy
  • Sage Oak
  • Sky Mountain
  • Suncoast Prep

Charter customers are expected to follow all of the same practices as non-charter customers. There are a few additional practices applied to Charter customers:

Billing & Purchase Orders:

A credit or debit card is still required to be on file as Watersafe offers events and merchandise that is not covered by charter funding.

It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian of the charter student to provide a purchase order with the appropriate date(s) and price by the 1st of the month and before services are rendered.

If we receive a purchase order for the wrong dates or amount we will contact the parent and request a revision. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide a revised purchase order within 7 days of our request. If your charter does not allow revisions, we will pro-rate the invoice if the tuition is for a lesser amount, but if there is overage then it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pay that out of pocket.

Due to our program being so impacted Watersafe offers a grace period until the 5th of the month to either receive a proper purchase order or be informed that the student will not be using charter funding for the current month and permission is given to charge the card on file. If we are not provided either a purchase order or payment by the 5th of the month the student will be dropped from their time spot. This is a hard deadline and exceptions will not be made as we need to insure payment before rendering services.


All of our instructors are over 18 years of age and have been live scanned and are approved to teach all charter students.

Charter students will automatically be re-enrolled each month for their same time slot. If you wish to drop from lessons you will need to inform us before the 1st of the month. Simply, not providing a purchase order does not suffice as notification that you wish to drop. This also applies for summer months once charter funding is stopped. You will still need to inform us if you wish to drop for the summer.

Summer lessons must be paid for out of pocket unless we receive written communication from the charter that it is acceptable to use a purchase order. We will also not accept purchase orders in the fall that are for an inflated amount and then refund for the out of pocket amount paid over the summer unless we receive written permission to do so from the charter.

Though charters operate similarly, they each have their own rules and contracts. As a vendor, we are obligated to follow all elements of our contract with each partnership. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to familiarize themselves with the specific rules of their own charter in regards to vendor partnerships.

Please be patient with our friendly and helpful front desk staff. We partner with 11 charters and they each have their own rules and nuances that are atypical from how we run our business. We are always trying our best to provide an optimal customer service experience while respectfully maintaining our contracts and partnerships. If you are having a difficult customer experience that you feel is due to being a charter customer please request a call from a Manager and we will be happy to discuss how to ease the experience with you.