Adult Swim Lessons

Program Fee: $40-$380

Length: 30min

Program Frequency: M/TU/F 7am-8am

“Adult group lessons will invite both the apprehensive and advanced athlete to conquer their fears with like-minded individuals and be triumphant in any body of water”.

Level 1 Intro to Water Skills
Objective: To trust the water and its ability to support

  • Breath control: hold breath 5-10 seconds while gliding
  • Buoyancy/Balance: stationary movements ie; turning, rolling, sitting up, laying back
  • Deep water comfort: ability to stay calm in deep water with minimal tools (gloves/noodle)

Level 2 Confidence and Competence
Objective: Successfully jump in, tread water for 1 minute, swim 25 yards with strong, consistent kick & skilfully exit the pool in a calm manner

  • Kicking Drills: front w/ independent breath & back kicking
  • Confidence: full lap swim unassisted
  • Jumps: ability to “be that cool dad” and confidently jump into water and safely exit
  • Treading water: one minute goal
  • Side breathing: quickly/efficiently breathe while consistently kicking
  • Stroke timing: pull, kick and breath
  •  Freestyle/backstroke technique
  •  Open or flip turn – Diving
  • Endurance and sprint training

Single class: $40
6 classes: $195
8 classes: $255 ($5 discount)
12 classes $380 ($10 discount)

Expiration date: 6 months

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