The Best Way to Prepare Your Child for Swim Lessons

•Once you choose a swim school, I recommend showing your child videos of children enjoying swim lessons. You can find these on YouTube or likely the school’s social media pages. It will help familiarize them with the experience and gain an understanding of what to expect.

•If your child tends to have a fear of trying new activities, I will also recommend finding out their swim instructors name prior to starting lessons and talking about the instructor and showing them a photo. Most swim schools post photos of their employees on their websites and social media. The sooner your child builds rapport and trust with their instructor the sooner you will see progress in their skills.

•If your child has long hair, swim caps are recommended. Purchase one ahead of time and try it in the bath or in your own pool. It is likely the instructor will use one in their lesson, and it will be more comfortable for your child if they have seen and experienced wearing one before their first lesson.

•Most swim schools require a disposable and reusable swim diaper until the age of 4 to avoid pool closures. If your child is potty trained, but under age 4, I would also recommend introducing the swim diapers before lessons start so they are not taken aback by having to wear a diaper again. This can be done on a family trip to the ocean, your own pool or a friend’s or bath time!

•Goggles are not typically recommended when children are first learning water safety skills. In the event of an accident their goggles will unlikely be present and it is important that they are confident in their water safety skills with or without goggles. I would suggest asking your swim school if goggles are necessary and when they’ll be introduced before purchasing them. Once it is time to purchase them, quality matters!

•Consider your child’s personality, and their learning style and share it with their new instructor. It is so helpful for an instructor to know what makes them laugh, what motivates them, and what makes them feel safe. These helpful tips are a great way to have a smooth transition into swim lessons!