Aqua Sculpt

Program Fee: $15-$130

Length: 60min

Program Frequency: Mon-Fri

Dive into a refreshing workout experience with aqua sculpt!

This water-based fitness class combines cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises in a low-impact setting. Feel the burn while staying cool as you splash your way to a stronger, healthier you. Get ready to make a splash and have a ton of fun in the pool


Days: Monday-Friday

Time: 11am-12pm

10 people per class- 1 instructor 


  • Single Class: $15
  • 6 classes: $80 ($13.30 per class) 
  • 8 classes: $100 ($12.50 per class)
  • 12 classes: $130 ($10.80 per class) 


Call to Register at (562)596-8608