FloaterPaddle Swim Aid


FloaterPaddle is a unique and versatile swimming device that can be used as a kickboard, a swim paddle, or for additional buoyancy. Ideal for swimming lessons, snorkeling, water exercises, or just fun and play, this swim aid device is easy to use for almost everyone. Made from save EVA foam materials, this swimming equipment does not absorb water and is highly durable. Just slip your hand into the paddle and grip the handle and you’re ready to swim.



  • The unique shape of the paddle, like a flipper on a fish, increases your thrust. You’ll be amazed a how much faster you go

  • Hold your arms out in front of you and kick with your feet to glide through the water like using a kick board

  • Perfect for swimming lessons, exercise routine, rehabilitation program, or just play!

  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L

  • Prices
    • XS- $29.99
    • S- $34.99
    • M- $39.99
    • L- $44.99